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Simple Living

Cracked Pots Cracked Pots
Committed to sustainable living and reclaiming items headed to landfills by transforming them into whacky and wondrous works of garden ornamentation.

Green Uses for Waste Green Uses for Waste
Great ideas for environmentally friendly ways to re-use all your waste.

Imagination Factory Imagination Factory
Creative ideas for children's scrap art projects.

Junktion Junktion
Interesting and useful products made from waste.
Ideas for using everyday materials to create arts and crafts.

RecycleWorks RecycleWorks
San Mateo County site providing great information about reducing unwanted mail and faxes.

Reuse Alternatives Reuse Alternatives

Lane County's site provides ideas and resources to help you reuse, repair, or find reusable materials of all kinds.

Simple Living Network Simple Living Network
Tips and resources for simple living.

Stuff Ya Don't Want Stuff Ya Don't Want
Nancy Matson's ideas on how to responsibly deal with a variety of items.