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E-Waste & Recycling

Alternative Community Training, Inc. Alternative Community Training, Inc.
ACT accepts donations of used videotapes and floppy disks, and cleans and packages them for resale.

Apple Computers Apple Computers
Apple recycling program.

Dell Computers Dell Computers
How to recycle your Dell.

Gateway Computers Gateway Computers
Policy on recycling their products.

Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard
Information on recycling their products.

Lane County E-Waste Recycling Lane County E-Waste Recycling
Allows residents and businesses to recycle most electronics.

NextStep Recycling NextStep Recycling
Non-profit organization with full service electronics recycling, repair, renovation and resale.

Recycling Advocates Recycling Advocates
Information from the Western Electronic Product Stewardship Initiative task force.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
Great information on the environmental problem of electronics.