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What we can take

What we can take

Materials must be in good, reusable condition. All donations subject to staff discretion. Restrictions may apply to some items. Here's a sampling of what we take:

Aluminum siding

Bookcases - no particle board

Cabinets must be assembled and complete with all doors and drawers, free from water damage; no particle board

Cabinet doors and drawers based on space available

Canning jars No peanut butter, pickle, mayo jars, etc

Carpet new remnants only, min. 3 x 5; Rugs at staff discretion

Cedar shakes

Compost bins

Door handles and hardware

Doors interior/exterior must be free of holes, kick-in and water damage; hollow core, bi-fold and commercial doors at staff discretion

Electric fixtures

Electrical boxes

Fiberglass roofing


Flower pots Staff may limit volume accepted

Galvanized siding

Garden tools



Lawn mowers Manual or riding; functional gas mowers

Light fixtures

Lumber 4 or longer; Cannot accept lumber with dry rot, splits, peeling paint or pest infestations.

Masonry unbroken pieces free of mortar

Mirrors - no unframed glass

Motors functional only


Patio furniture - undamaged

Piping metal and PVC over 4.

Plumbing and accessories

Plywood 1/4 sheet or larger

Roofing shingles, metal, and corrugated in usable condition


Screen doors

Sheetrock sheets and larger

Shelves based on space available(no particle board)

Shower stalls

Sinks Cast iron and stainless; non-metallic at staff discretion

Solar panels

Tile Full pieces only - clean, free of grout

Toilets Functional and assembled Low-flow only; based on space available

Tools Household and industrial, power or hand; battery powered on a case by case basis

Tubs no jetted tubs or jacuzzis.

Unusual antiques


Windows Vinyl and wood framed in good condition only, gas seals intact. Large/picture windows at staff discretion