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Teaching Tools and Links for Teachers

Teaching Tools and Links for Teachers

Teaching tools and links for teachers:
* Environmental Pathways. A great educators' page for the 4th to 6th grade levels. Perfect for student leads for online research (68KB PDF File)
* Oregon Greens Schools certification program.
* School Greening Toolkit (268KB PDF file).
* The Environmental Protection Agency provides a website for teachers. Visit "Recycle City" and learn about waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. They also maintain an Office of Environmental Education.
* Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality provides excellent curriculum materials and lesson plans, correlated to Educational Benchmarks.
* Do you have a good idea for an environmental education program or project? Detailed information for EPA grant programs is provided as well as contact information for other sources of funding.
* Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT) - San Jose, CA, center for Bay Area teachers. Check out the "Idea Sheets" for creative lesson ideas.
* - excellent site with useful links to all areas of reducing, reusing and recycling.
* The Water Page. A great site to start the discussion of water conservation with elementary
school kids.
* US Energy Information Administration.  Everything you ever wanted to know about energy.

For Younger Ages:
* African American Environmentalist Association's Environmental Library: Endangered Species.  A great site  to understand extinction.
* Clark County Soil and Water Conservation District. A great site to start up the conversation about conservation.
* County of San Mateo: RecycleWorks Kids. Showing the connection between our stuff and natural resources. Wonderful site to introduce the why of recycling to younger kids.
* EPA's Environmental Kids Club.
* Energy Kid's Page-information on paper and glass recycling and energy conservation.
* Polymer Search: Rubber, Plastic and More - Top Science Project Idea. Science fair project ideas for elementary and middle school kids. 
* World Environmental Organization's Recycling Database with ideas for how to reuse more than 200 different materials.

For Older Ages:
* NEED Project - Excellent site for teacher resources, student research and involvement.
* SEED's Global Climate Change and Energy provides the science background behind global warming.