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Reuse It: The Movie

As part of BRING's mission to change the world (one used window at a time), we made a movie: Reuse It. Take a look at the used building materials industry in Oregon, and learn why reuse is good for the environment and our economy. See how BRING and other organizations are leading the way beyond recycling.

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"Well done explanations and use of visuals. I posted on Facebook and will send to my children's teachers. Thanks"
~ Nevenka Anastas, Portland, Oregon

"Great little movie. I'm going to use it in my green building presentation through the Gorge Rebuild-it Center."
~ Ruth Olin, White Salmon, WA

"Loved the movie. Can we show it at ReuseConex?"
~ MaryEllen Etienne, Reuse Alliance

"This video is a great resource to help Oregonians see how they can save money, save energy, and get a gorgeous one-of-a-kind new look for their home at the same time."
~ Kelly Hoell, Good Company

"We will be moving to a new office space this winter and are having a kitchen space built there before we move in. I thought about hunting around for used cabinetry, but didn't think it would be worth the effort. Now that I've watched Reuse It I'll march right over to the Rebuilding Center in Portland and find our new used kitchen counter and cabinets. I know I'll feel good about this decision. Thanks for the information and inspiration."
~ Trudy Toliver, Executive Director, EarthShare

"Reuse It is an inspiring movie that makes even the least creative of us want to start a do-it-yourself building project with recycled material."
~ Sasha Luftig, The Good Company

"A movie focused for all ages on the important topic of reuse."
~ Chuck Bailey, AIA

"BRING it on home!"
~ Shane McCloskey, Associate AIA

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"Reuse It" may be shown for educational, non-commercial purposes only. Order your DVD now, and share it with everyone you know. Please do not reproduce the DVD - you may order additional copies from BRING, or watch it online.

Funded by a grant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Additional support provided by the City of Eugene and BRING. Produced and directed by Jerry Joffe. Copyright by the City of Eugene.
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